Leofil is a 100% High Tenacity Continuous Filament
Polyester Sewing Thread which is made by high technology.

Leofil is a very high quality sewing thread that fulfills all required with its high resistance against abrasion and chemical effects.
Leofil is synonymous with high quality sewing thread, made from pre-established
lubrication works with high-speed machinery.

Leofil meets the high standards of seam quality, seam strength and seam appearance.

Leofil is an excellent sewing thread for all types of leather and heavy fabric applications.

Leofil is treated with special formulated lubricant that provides excellent friction capability during high-speed sewing.

The fine Leofil CFP combines high strength and perfect appearance sewing together.

Leofil is also available in water repellent finishing. (WR)

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