Leopol is a 100% continuous filament polyester
high tenacity sewing thread.

Leopol is very high quality sewing thread fulfills
all requirements of the shoes industry with high
resistance against abrasion.


Leopol is perfect sewing thread made from prestablised lubricated high tenacity continuous
filament polyester , meets the high standarts of seam quality , seam strength and seam

Leopol (WR) is an excellent sewing thread for all types of shoes , leather and fabric applications.


Water-proof Leopol WR is used for producing clothings that protect from cold weather conditions, and sewing of shoe and boot.


Leopol (AS) is high resisting polyester with anti-static feature and these product is
particulary preferred in shoe and military uniform production.


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Quilting Heavy Weight Work Wears     -     Outdoor goods
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