Leotex is a 100% Continuous Filament
Textured Polyester, thread, High Tenacity sewing thread.

Leotex is very high quality sewing thread fulfills all requirements: ideals for use on overlock and under thread, cover seaming mackine looper.
Leotex have perfect solutions for edge finish.

Leotex is perfect sewing thread provide softness and comfortable seams made the low shrinkage condation ensures any seam distortion.

Leotex meets the high standarts of seam quality, seem strength and seam appearance.
Leotex is perfect sewing thread, made from lubricated texturized HT Polyester giving high extensibility and seam streangth, smooth bulky, lightly twisted and highly resistant.

Leotex is idea for underwear and swimwear.

Leotex is convenient for overlock seam, furnitures, medium to heavy fabrics, tablecloths, bed throws and curtain.

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