Leovis is a high shiny continuous filament thread
made of 100 % Viscose Rayon , by using high
tenacity filament for multi - head embroidery
machines , as well as industrial sewing machines.

Excellent running performance at high speed ,
it is known world wide for high tensile strength
and excellent glossy luster.

Rayon is generally described as artificial silk.

Leovis # 30 a thicker viscose rayon which fiils in quickly and reduces stitch count and production time in large designs. Primarity suitable for large - scale embroideries and as top looper in lingerie. A soft , 2 ply rayon thread.

Leovis # 40 embroidery thread is ideal for most designs , it is used for all fashion
embroideries which demand superior sheen and lustre.

It is extremely consistant finish results in the best sewability on machine and materials.

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